luke robinson

With 20 years experience, and a prestigious diploma from the school of hard knocks, Luke has gained a vast knowledge of acoustics, sound equipment, and technology. So far His career has taken him on an adventure working a variety of events from a small shows for 100 people, to the once in a life time experience working on Live 8 in Philadelphia in front of 1 Million. Other Highlights include the welcoming concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, HBO’s “We Are One” for Barack Obama on the eve of his first inauguration, as well the last two inaugural balls in washing DC. He has also worked on television shows such as Good Morning America, the View, The Late Show with David Letterman, and The Today Show.


Branching out on his own with Audio gods, Luke has taken his knowledge of acoustical engineering to levels that some my call obsession. He strives to find the most efficient, discrete, and of coarse sonically pleasing way to get the message, weather that be music or spoken word, out to your audience. It is through that pursuit that he has developed new designs for speakers. for 10 years running Luke has been developing loudspeakers for both the concert and corporate market that take advantage of the latest advancements in components and processing to help produce the best results possible. Audio gods custom shop products are paired with our inventory of industry standard products, to produce the best results for our clients.